Frequently asked questions

1.  Does AFT sell directly to consumers?
Answer:  AFT does not sell directly to the consumer.  We sell only through retail stores, wholesalers and distributors.

2.  Does AFT have a minimum order amount?
Answer:  No, we do not have a minimum dollar amount for orders.  We do require that all orders be in case pack quantities.

3.  What is the best way to order from AFT?
Answer:  The best way to order is to identify a product or range of products that you are interested in from our website.  Contact us with that information and we will prepare a “photo-quote” with images of each item along with all pertinent information, i.e., price, dimensions, case packs, etc.  We can send you information by email or CD.

4.  Does AFT have company showrooms?
Answer:  Yes, we maintain full line wholesale showrooms at our corporate headquarters in Los Angeles and at AmericasMart in Atlanta, Georgia.

5.  Will AFT produce custom items?
Answer:  Yes, we often do custom or exclusive items for our customers.  Please contact us for details on our custom program.

6.  What are your lead times?
Answer:  Most orders drawn from merchandise in our Los Angeles facility will ship in approximately five (5) business days.  China orders will usually leave China between 60-75 days of receipt of order.  Transit time to Los Angeles is approximately 18 days and 30 days to New York.

7.  How does AFT ship?
Answer:  The most cost effective shipping option from Los Angeles is palletized by truck.  Of course, we can ship by UPS or FedEx Ground.

8.  What is AFT’s preferred method of payment?
Answer:  Our preferred method is credit card.  AFT accepts most major credit cards.  Other payment arrangements can be made with mutual agreement.